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I'm an experienced sailor and new to the area, can I sail class X at HSC.
Racing is divided into Fast Handicap and Slow Handicap fleets although the two de facto racing fleets are Lasers & Herons. We normally accept any class of dinghy up to an overall length of 14ft (4.27m). Please contact us to check suitability.

I haven't sailed before. How can I start.
Individuals and families often join the club as complete novices. We aim to give enough initial coaching to allow newcomers to hire one of the club boats and start sailing on their own when conditions are suitable. Beginners can then consider buying a boat when they have acquired some initial experience.

What sort of clothing do I need
To start with old clothes and trainers. A windproof jacket can be useful. The one essential item is a buoyancy aid (usually called inaccurately a lifejacket). The club has a number of these that can be borrowed until you buy your own.

Can my children learn to sail if I don't
Yes, provided at least one parent joins as a non-sailing member and is always present when their child sails.

How much does a sailing dinghy cost
There is huge market in second-hand boats at all price level and a serviceable dinghy can be acquired for as little as 300

Can I paddleboard at HSC
No, the use of the water is restricted to sailing dinghies and the local fishing club
Who owns and runs the sailing club

The club is owned and run by the members for the members via an annually elected committee.  

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Established 1958